2 Bridal Boutiques, Same Tailored Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

2 Bridal Boutiques, Same Tailored Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Did you know – Ladies of Lineage has two bridal boutique showrooms? Our most recent Flagship showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina has relocated to Phillips Place Southpark. Our other location is in the new and budding Kingsley Town Center in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

While many people know about our two showrooms, most do not know that the two showrooms are quite different aside from the tailored Lineage experience you’ll receive from your Stylists. To help lay out the differences between showrooms, play along with our fun True or False game!

True or False? Both showrooms have nearly the same wedding gowns.


There isn’t a single dress that overlaps between showrooms. We’ve worked to create the best selection for any and every bride across both boutiques and carry completely separate designers and wedding gowns in each bridal shop.

True or False? The experience will be the same at both bridal salons.


Most important to us, we have ensured that every bride will have the same great experience at both our Charlotte & Fort Mill showrooms. No matter which bridal boutique you visit, you’ll have your very own bridal stylist who will be with you every step of the way – ensuring you’re in the best hands to find your dream wedding dress!

True or False? The price points are the same in both bridal boutiques.

We have thoughtfully spread the price points across both boutiques to suit the needs of most brides. Our Fort Mill showroom starts comfortably around $1,300 and goes upwards to $4,500, while our Charlotte showroom starts at $2,500 and has gowns that range up to $15,000.

True or False? Most brides visit both showrooms.

True! (But we can help you determine which showroom(s) is best for you)

More than half of our brides visit both Ladies of Lineage Bridal Boutiques. In addition to DOUBLE the wedding gown selection, each showroom has specific collections that attract different bridal styles. To better assist your wedding dress search, our stylists are familiar with the gowns in both showrooms. Why? If there is a specific collection or gown that fits exactly what you’re loving, we can recommend visiting the other showroom. Or on the contrary, we can recommend forgoing the other bridal shop if know there will be nothing that has you swooning.

A Breakdown of Each Ladies of Lineage Showroom


Charlotte Showroom:



Fort Mill Showroom:


Unsure whether you should visit both showrooms? Give us a call, we can chat about what you are looking for in a wedding gown, and we will give you our professional recommendation on which showroom(s) you should visit. We’re here to help!

Charlotte Showroom: (704) 547-4208

Fort Mill Showroom: (803) 233-1722