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Debutante Delights: Unveiling Elegance and Tradition

Mar 18, 2024

  The Debutante Gown Event hosted by Ladies of Lineage is scheduled to take April 1 to May 31 this year. Exclusive appointments are required for attendance. During this period, our...

Embodying Elegance: Amsale Bridal Collection

Mar 12, 2024

In the world of bridal fashion, few names carry the weight and grace as Amsale. Renowned for her timeless designs, Amsale Aberra, the visionary behind the brand, left an indelible mark on the bridal industry before her passing in 2018. With an...

Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Peter Langner Veils

Mar 05, 2024

When it comes to bridal fashion, every detail matters – from the intricacies of the gown to the finishing touches that complete the bridal ensemble. Among these essential accessories, veils stand out as an iconic symbol of bridal elegance,...

2024 Bridal Trends as Seen on the Runway

Oct 26, 2023

What's Trending for 2024 Brides?   The Ladies of Lineage team is fresh off the runway reporting with the latest bridal trends for 2024. From drop waists to hand painted details, the bridal industry collectively impressed us with the newest...

Bridal Sample Sale 101

Apr 27, 2023

We've all heard the phrase "Sample Sale" either on social media or on the tv show, 'Say Yes to the Dress,' but what exactly is a sample sale? We are glad you asked!   In the wedding world, a "sample sale" typically means a bridal boutique is...

How to Create a Cohesive Bridal Look

Mar 15, 2023

One Wedding Gown Styled Two Cohesive Ways   A cohesive bridal look of course, starts with your wedding dress. The gown will not only set the tone for your wedding day, but the events leading up to it as well. You may prefer a minimalistic dress...

Have A Ball At Our Debutante Event

Making your debut? Debutante season is upon us. A time when young women don their white gowns and are presented to society. Invitations are beginning to arrive, and Debutantes throughout the Carolinas are beginning to search for the perfect...

10 Stunning Wedding Gowns for an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Sep 19, 2022

We may be a bit biased, but outdoor wedding venues tend to make for the most magical wedding photos. Outdoor weddings are the perfect blend of relaxed and chic, and as such, we have 10 gorgeous wedding dresses that would be the perfect fit for your...

Behind The Seams: An Interview with Designer Sareh Nouri

Feb 25, 2022

New York City-based designer Sareh Nouri is an acclaimed designer throughout the bridal industry who is known for her phenomenal construction, beautiful fabrics, and classic aesthetic. Originally born in Iran and then raised in northern Virginia,...

2 Bridal Boutiques, Same Tailored Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Jan 15, 2022

Did you know – Ladies of Lineage has two bridal boutique showrooms? Our most recent Flagship showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina has relocated to Phillips Place Southpark. Our other location is in the new and budding Kingsley Town Center in...

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