How to Create a Cohesive Bridal Look

How to Create a Cohesive Bridal Look

How to Create a Cohesive Bridal Look. Mobile Image

Mar 15, 2023

One Wedding Gown

Styled Two Cohesive Ways


A cohesive bridal look of course, starts with your wedding dress. The gown will not only set the tone for your wedding day, but the events leading up to it as well. You may prefer a minimalistic dress and keep the jewelry understated. Cohesive in bridal does not mean your dress must match your shoes or that your veil can or cannot have lace on it. Cohesive is an overall harmonious feeling one has when they are in their fully styled bridal look. 


We've put together an example of how two different bridal styles can be equally cohesive, featuring the Amber wedding gown by Sassi Holford of London. 


Bridal Look 1:

Adventurous, Airy, Effortless


 Wedding Dress: Amber by Sassi Holford / Photography: Fotomagoria / Beauty: Ulli Thomaseth / Florals: Florale Werkstatt / Shoes: Gucci / Lineage Bride: Katie Medlin


Bridal Look 2:

Sophisticated, Chic, Playful


Wedding Dress: Amber by Sassi Holford / Photography: Alex Wysocki Photography / Beauty: Dani Levi / Florals: McQueens Flowers / Lineage Bride: Sophie de la Force


No matter your style, there is a sense of confidence a bride will feel when they find the right veil to float down the train of their wedding gown or the right headpiece to pull an entire look together. Whether you keep it simple or prefer a more extravagant look, for each bride, it's what feels right for their overall aesthetic. 


Creating a cohesive bridal look is searching for that sweet spot where your confidence shines its brightest. Here at Ladies of Lineage, we are all about finding a cohesive bridal look that feels effortless, easy, and empowers you to radiate that bridal beauty. Whether you're starting your wedding dress shopping experience or you're just looking for accessories to finish you look, our bridal stylists are ready to help you find your cohesive bridal style. Book your appointment here