Behind The Seams: An Interview with Designer Sareh Nouri

Behind The Seams: An Interview with Designer Sareh Nouri

New York City-based designer Sareh Nouri is an acclaimed designer throughout the bridal industry who is known for her phenomenal construction, beautiful fabrics, and classic aesthetic. Originally born in Iran and then raised in northern Virginia, she graduated with a degree in graphic design and found herself in the bridal industry when she struggled finding a gown for her own wedding. Today, her dresses can be found in showrooms all over the world, gracing the covers of magazines, and even on the red carpet. Here's a deeper look into the world of couture designer Sareh Nouri.



"I believe finding a wedding dress is like finding a true friend; you should be able to trust it, you should never regret it, and whenever you see it... it should always make you smile."
- Sareh Nouri


What part the design process do you enjoy most?

I truly enjoy the creative design process but my most enjoyable moment is seeing the final product on a bride.

What and who are your design influences?

I am influenced by elegant women from Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn to Jacqueline Kennedy.

What do you think will be the next big bridal trend and what is on the way out?

The next big bridal trend will continue to be clean gowns but brides will want more details like seam work and draping.

Is there anything you wish brides knew before shopping?

Brides should go into shopping with an open mind. They should trust their consultants as they are experienced in helping find the right gown for each bride.

What do you consider signature design elements of Sareh Nouri?

Signature design elements for our Sareh Nouri collection are our bows. We love creating unique and couture bows to elevate the clean gowns.

What do you do to relax and escape the wedding world?

Spend time with my husband and two girls.

Describe the Sareh Nouri bride in 3 words.

She's confident, alluring, and effortlessly beautiful on the inside and out.




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