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Hannah & Nikil Sairam

Bride and Groom: 


Hannah & Nikil Sairam  

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Photographers: Emily Veinberg Williams

Venue: Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens

Wedding Planning: @amoiweddings

Florist: @thepoppy.co


Tell us about your experience at Ladies of Lineage!

Prior to my visit to Ladies of Lineage, I was so disheartened and intimidated by the dress shopping process. The second I walked through their doors, I felt at ease. They were welcoming and thoughtful, and understood my concerns implicitly. Elizabeth was my bridal stylist and I cannot rave about her enough; even when I felt I wasn't sure what I wanted, she was able to interpret my comments to find the most perfect dress. When my now-husband and I relocated in the middle of wedding planning, they even connected me with a local seamstress to handle my alterations. On my wedding day, I felt confident and authentically myself, and I have raved about my experience at Ladies of Lineage ever sense! I cannot thank them enough for the huge role they played in making my day special.


Tell us about your wedding!

We had two ceremonies for our wedding: a Hindu ceremony on Friday night, where we wore traditional Indian attire; and our American ceremony on Saturday, where I wore my wedding dress. Our "inspiration words" for the day were authentic, romantic, and fun -- and it was all of that and more. We were surrounded by friends and family from all over the world and were able to celebrate our nearly eight years together in a perfect weekend. It's a weekend we think about every single day.