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Holly & Evan Pike

Bride and Groom: 


Holly & Evan Pike


Wedding Date: 






Photographers: Sophie Mclean

Venue: The Restoration Hotel-Asheville

Wedding Planning: @silverfernevents

Florist: @silverfernevents


Tell us about your experience at Ladies of Lineage!

Having an experience at Ladies of Lineage during my wedding planning was truly exceptional. Despite visiting three different stores prior to Ladies of Lineage, I couldn't find what I was searching for. Firstly, the store itself is stunning. Upon settling in, Elizabeth took me aside, inquired about my preferences, and we browsed through some photos. The second dress she presented turned out to be the one! The process was incredibly smooth, and they made me feel absolutely radiant. Additionally, I entrusted Ladies of Lineage with the alteration of my dress, and Bev's expertise was nothing short of amazing. Incorporating a sentimental touch, I had a piece of my mother and great-grandmother's wedding dresses sewn into mine. Bev designed a beautiful and sweet addition for this "something old." Ladies of Lineage turned what initially seemed like a daunting task into a joyful and easy experience. These memories will be cherished forever!


Tell us about your wedding!

My wedding day was the best day ever! It radiated a sense of classic and timeless charm. We chose the rooftop of The Restoration Hotel in the stunning NC mountains, creating a breathtaking backdrop of mountain scenery. The event was intimate, made even more special with our adorable dog taking on the role of the ring bearer. We embraced a classic aesthetic with a color palette of black, white, and champagne. The Groom wore a red jacket, a sentimental nod to the attire he wore on the day we first met, adding a personal touch to the celebration. To make the ceremony even more meaningful, we wrote our own vows, filling the moment with heartfelt words and promises. Our wedding planner and vendors played a pivotal role in making the day truly the best. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured everything ran seamlessly. From the exquisite decor to the delicious food and the perfect playlist, each element contributed to the overall magic of the day. Our main wishes for the day were simple: fantastic food, fantastic music, and plenty of champagne and tequila, and The Restoration Hotel, along with our incredible team, delivered on all counts. The day unfolded seamlessly, blessed with perfect weather. It truly exceeded our expectations and was a day we couldn't have imagined being any better.