Have A Ball At Our Debutante Event

Have A Ball At Our Debutante Event

Have A Ball At Our Debutante Event. Mobile Image

Making your debut?

Debutante season is upon us. A time when young women don their white gowns and are presented to society. Invitations are beginning to arrive, and Debutantes throughout the Carolinas are beginning to search for the perfect debutante gown. Over the years, Ladies of Lineage has had the honor and privilege of assisting young ladies in customizing and choosing the perfect dress. This year, Ladies of Lineage is pleased to invite the upcoming Debs to our spring 'Debutante Event' running through May 31st.

Ladies of Lineage Debutante Event

March 1st - May 31st

To ensure the best experience for our debutantes, we've met and spoken with representatives from the Charlotte Debutante Club, Charlotte Assembly, and the Charlotte Guild to discuss gown requirements. Through these conversations, we've been able to hand-select the best possible selections of debutante gowns. This year, our debs will also have access to our Cornelia James kidskin, leather gloves. Additionally, debutantes will have access to special pricing, incentives, and gown exclusivity within their organization.


We're excited to meet you and be part of this special day. For more information, please call us at 704.547.4208 or book online through our Appointments page. 



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